Introducing Magic Robe, a smart therapeutic massaging robe thats operated via bluetooth thru our application


Magic Robe is the worlds first smart massaging therapeutic robe that provides gentle massage to your shoulders, upper back and lower back. 

Magic Robe is Bluetooth operated and controlled via mobile application with exact pressure point & electric pulse vibration. Mobile application takes your vital body signs and predict you to best use Magic Robe. 

The massager inside Magic Robe is detachable which allows you to wash Magic Robe easily. Besides this, Magic Robe comes with a mobile charger to charge Magic Robe on the go. 


It has never been more difficult to turn your mind off, relax, and recharge. That's why we created the Magic Robe for anyone who has ever felt hyperactive, overworked, or had a bad night’s sleep. Our robe could be helpful to people who face:

  1. Prolonged fatigue
  2. Sore joints & muscles   
  3. Sleep disorders  
  4. It can also be beneficial for individuals who: 
  5. Drink too much caffeine  
  6. Stay up late 
  7. Work long hours


A closer look at the inside of the magic robes massaging pad. 

The weave is comprised of 70% premium cotton and 30% Celliant fibers.

Increases Blood Flow

Increases oxygen level in blood

What’s something exciting, we’ve designed the Magic Robe using our innovative Linkweave. This is what makes it visually unique while providing the ultimate in comfort and durability. 

BETTER SLEEP + FASTER RECOVERY: Celliant energy penetrates into the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in blood flow and local circulation, which can lead to better sleep, faster recovery, increased energy/stamina & improved strength. Celliant can also help regulate body temperature for a more comfortable night’s sleep

SOFT & SILKY-SMOOTH COMFORT: Premium long-staple cotton and patented Celliant yarns, in a luxurious sateen weave, creates a soft, silky-smooth and wrinkle-resistant fabric that looks and feels amazing.

FDA-DETERMINED/CLINICALLY PROVEN: The FDA has determined that Celliant Products are medical devices as defined in section 201[h] of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are General Wellness Products. Celliant is scientifically proven and the most clinically tested infrared textile technology in the industry. 

Infrared is well known within the medical community, where it has been used to modulate sleep, protect against stress, and ease joint stiffness. However, there has never been an easier  way to incorporate a better  & healthier  way of everyday life. 

To that end, we put it in a unique form that is accessible to everyone, anywhere and anytime!


Smart Wearable Technology

Overworked? Can’t relax? Lacking the sleep you need? The Magic Robe was developed by experts and wellness-obsessed visionaries to help improve your daily routine.

Magic Robe is a, smart wearable tech - therapeutic robe that gives you the ultimate massage, reads you health vital signs and harnesses the power of Celliant technology to help boost energy levels, recover faster, and relax a little easier.


Additional Information

Magic Robes smart application controls all massaging functions and more! The Magic Pad has sensors that reads all health signs and is Bluetooth operated with application Our application reads the following
1. Heart rate
2. Body temperature
3. Oxygen saturation
4. Blood pressure
5. Respiration


How to turn on Magic Robe and its battery indicator on Magic Robe's logo


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